8.4 Special membership meetings may be called by the President or by any five members in good standing provided all association members are notified of the time, place, and purpose of such meeting a minimum of 30 days in advance.  No matter shall be considered at a special meeting except that stated in the call to the meeting.

8.5 The October meeting of each year shall be designated as the Annual Banquet Meeting.  Reports summarizing the year's activities shall be given along with a special program.

Article 9 - Quorum

9.1 One fourth of this organization's membership shall constitute a quorum at any regular meeting.

9.2 A majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum of that body.  A majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum of that body.

Article 10 - Dues and Finances

10.1 All dues are paid annually and are due before the adjournment of the January regular meeting.  The annual dues shall be $20.00 per person and $25.00 for families.  The dues for any child under 18 years of age shall be $5.00.  Membership dues are payable at the time membership is initiated.  Membership dues are renewable annually before the adjournment of the January meeting.

10.2 The organization's fiscal year shall be from January through December inclusive.

10.3 After July 1st, New Members may pay half the regular membership dues.  A new members is a person who has never previously been a member or a previous member who has not attended any meetings or activities in the previous 12 months.

10.4 Any members whose dues remain unpaid after 30 days shall be reminded by mail, e-mail, or phone by the Treasurer.  If membership dues remain unpaid after 60 days, membership in the association will be automatically suspended.

10.5 Youth Program funds shall be maintained in a separated account from the association general funds.

10.6 Annually, the Executive Committee shall present, for membership review and approval, a suggested operation plan, schedule, and budget for activities for the upcoming fiscal cycle - regular membership and Youth Programs. 

Article 11

11.1 These bylaws may be amended by a two - thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting provided all members are notified in advance and quorum is met.